Ashleigh Sumner and LOLA in Uppror Magazine

A colourful, dizzying mash-up of German cult classic Run
Lola Run made entirely by lesbians and starring lesbians.
And Then Came Lola is a low budget feature film from San
Francisco that has been winning accolades at LGBT (Lesbian,
Gay, Bisexual & Transgender) festivals across the globe.
The film sees Lola on a desperate trio of bids to get some important
photographs to her girlfriend on time because if she doesn’t their
relationship will get the chop. There’s nothing really original about the
story and the filmmakers are fully aware of the movie’s source
material, even down to the animated sequences which they gleefully
ape. What’s refreshing is that everyone involved in the film wanted to
make an out and proud lesbian film, set in a city seemingly populated
only by gays and dykes.

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